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The Female Founder Toolkit is a hybrid of short courses and resources to help you launch the tech side of your business. It's the budget version of Angels Playing Skittles. Skip to the end (of the page) for info about upcoming toolkits and get your name on the email list for updates.

A bit of background

About 18 months ago I had just finished a 2 year contract as Global Head of Information Architecture for Pearson Education.  It was part of a massive digital transformation programme designed to help Pearson save millions.  

I didn’t have any work lined up, and stumbled into Marie Forleo’s BSchool programme, thanks to Ophi & Tali, the AstroTwins.  Talk about the power of a kick-ass newsletter. 

Coming out the back of the course I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do, but with no clear vision on how to implement it.

It’s been a slow journey, of which I’m sure Ophi would say has something to do with Uranus being in Taurus.  

My vision for the Female Founder Toolkit

Something I noticed while doing BSchool, and a couple of other well known courses that I didn’t enjoy, is that there’s a lot of soft skills taught, but not a lot of practical step-by-step skills.

What I mean by that, is I’ve spent the last 22 years working in tech fields of one form or another.  I’m very much used to sharing my knowledge in very practical ways.  If someone doesn’t understand something I take the time to share my knowledge so they know a little more.

When I started looking at the kinds of questions female founders were asking about tech, I realised there was a pattern.  More often than not it was asking for software recommendations or how to fix very specific technical problems.  The thing I really started noticing, however, was that there would be about 15 or so comments from men, saying the same thing as each other with the same aggressive “I know better than you” tone.  It was both upsetting and depressing.

I had a think about how I could help solve these problems.  I could offer it for free, but sadly everything costs money these days (rent, food etc, the boring stuff).  I could write a book, but tech moves too fast to offer step-by-step training in a book (although I do have an idea for one or two books).  I could offer courses, but they seemed one dimensional.  So I thought of a bit of a hybrid.  Which is where the Female Founder Toolkit comes from.

What it is

The concept for the toolkit is to create a series of tools that teach you how to do something in the simplest way possible, along with resources to support you.  Much like a sewing toolkit or a DIY toolkit, the Female Founder Toolkit will contain all the essentials you need to get the tech side of your business set-up, and support you while you grow it. 

It’s not a one size fits all set of software recommendations either.  I will be providing toolkits to help you pick the right software (based on my many years of watching large clients get it VERY wrong), then teaching you how to set-up email service providers and build your website.  I’m also including a toolkit on how to do amazing customer research, because I’ve been doing that for tech clients for years.

The platform is a pick ’n’ mix of tools to help you.  Buy one, buy multiples or buy the whole lot.  You’ll also get the opportunity to buy a pack of office hour sessions with me, where I’ll offer 1:1 support and guidance, or a group therapy pack where you can get help as part of a larger group.

As the toolkits are essentially my knowledge transferred into a learning environment, the bottleneck in creating the content, is, well, me.  
A full list of the toolkits I’ve got in the pipeline and a bit more information on them can be found below.  


Some of the toolkits that are coming soon

  • Get the Right Software - a tool to help you understand your needs and find software that matches it

  • Email Toolkit - learn how to set-up an email account using your domain name

  • Web Essentials - learn how to get a basic website set-up, design and built, by yourself

  • Customer Research Toolkit - Learn how to do simple and very effective customer research

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